Our Promise to Our Client

Create a safe and warm environment in your home that encourages shoppers to enjoy their experience viewing and purchasing your personal property.

Work with you to get the most money possible for the sale of your personal property. This means establishing reserve prices on specific items that you don't want to part with for anything less than what is being asked.

Determine discounted prices on days 2 and/or 3 of the sale.

Leave your home clean at the end of the sale.

Renaissance Household Sales
Renaissance Household Sales
Renaissance Household Sales
Renaissance Household Sales

Our Promise to Our Customers

Greet every customer who enters your home, answer questions in a friendly manner, and help them carry items to the cash out area.

Provide a safe and navigable traffic pattern in your home for shoppers to enjoy the experience of perusing your personal items for sale.

Offer a quick and efficient cash out area, where customers can pay by cash, check, or credit card and wrap and bag their purchased items.

Tips for Preparing for the Sale

Let the staff of Renaissance Household Sales determine what belongs in the sale. You would be surprised at what is of value to another person in a sale.

Label all items in the house that will not be included in the sale. These items can be removed by you before the sale, put in storage, or placed in one room (or closet) of the house that will be kept off-limits during the sale.

Decide if there are items in the sale that are of special financial or sentimental value to you and be prepared to help us set a reserved price for each item. A reserved price is the lowest price that you will accept for an item.


Renaissance Household Sales


Norwich, New York

"Although it was painful for me to give up most of my things in order to move into assisted living, John treated my property with respect and treated me with compassion. The great job that he did allowed me to move on with my life." 

Renaissance Household Sales

Christina & Link

Rochester, New York

“John and Mike did a thorough job in setting up our moving sale. The sale itself was an outstanding success. ”


Rochester, NY 14622

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