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The Psychology of a Household Sale Shopper
by John Sullivan

Renaissance Household Sales

I’ve run many household sales and have been a customer on a weekly basis. I prioritize my household sales’ visits based on the pictures in the ads.

With giddy anticipation, I get into my car on the day of the sale and punch the first address into my GPS. It’s a delightful feeling when the sale is within ten miles of my home because I’m not the patient type.

My heart rate accelerates when I see the line of parked cars on the street of the sale, whose riders are already at the sale. My wish is that a parking valet will rush to my car so I can be in that house without further ado.  That has yet to happen.

Walking towards the entrance to the house envelopes me in a feeling similar to the one I had walking down the stairs of my childhood home on Christmas morning. I cannot wait to see what awaits me under the roof of that house.

I do not need to own one more thing. I have more than enough possessions. I know without a doubt, however, that there will be something in this house that I have to have, and I WILL walk out with it.  There is pure magic in strolling from room to room until that one special item catches your eye as if to say, “I’ve been waiting for you. Buy me now.”

Everything else in the room disappears as I make my way towards my newly discovered treasure. I try to be cool about it so nobody else notices what I am coveting. I know from experience that there are those shoppers lurking about, ready to pounce on my object of desire. They like nothing more than to be able to say, “I got it first.”

I breathe a sigh of relief as I wrap my hand around my trinket. It’s mine now and nobody else is going to have it. Before fighting my way to the cashier’s table, I check to make sure my prize has no cracks or dents or missing parts. My body gets all flushed when I discover that it’s just perfect.

As I walk to my car, I know I must feel as Rocky did the first time he made it to the top step of the Philadelphia Museum. Winners, both of us!

Renaissance Household Sales
Renaissance Household Sales
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